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Most financial situations can leave you wondering where to turn to get the money you need. The many obligations that individuals have to face on a daily basis make financial emergencies a common occurrence. This month it may be a relative who needs urgent treatment, and the next one could be a leaking roof that requires immediate repairs. Imagine if you had to borrow money from a friend or family member every time an emergency came up. A lending business in Wylie Texas is a much better option, especially when you need a substantial amount. Car title loans are some of the alternatives you have when in need of quick money solutions.

With a title lender, you know when you have to repay and the conditions. As long as you don’t default, you can always return to the lender when another urgent situation crops up without feeling embarrassed. At Wilkerson Financial, we are always ready to attend to your money needs. Our approval process takes less than 24 hours, meaning you can fix your money problems in the same day. We increase access to vehicle title loans through online applications and no-credit-check procedures.


Auto Title loans Wylie are available to any customer of legal age that holds a lien-free vehicle title and a valid ID. A lien-free title is a document that has not been used to secure another loan or judgment. If your title doesn’t have your name on it, you can transfer it first before applying for a loan. In instances where more than one name is on a title, confirm beforehand if the other person has to apply as well. We accept different types of vehicles from SUVs to executive sedans to trucks. On our application page, fill out the form provided with the necessary details. We have to get your car’s year, style, make, model, and approximate mileage.

We also need your email address, zip code, phone number, and full name. With this information, our online calculator will do a quick estimate of what we can advance. From this quote, you can learn in advance if your car has enough value to get you the needed amount. The loan is usually a percentage of the worth of the asset. If you have concerns about the eligibility of your vehicle, our customer representatives are available to help. True to the nature of title loans, Wilkerson Financial doesn’t keep you waiting for too long to know if you have been approved.

About Wilkerson Financial

The advantage that title loans offer different customers make them one of the top products in the lending industry. For this reason, the market is filled with businesses claiming to provide the best rates and services. Wilkerson Financial is a reputable lender in Wylie and the surrounding areas. We understand that customers may be wary when approaching quick cash lenders that is why we insist on transparency. Besides walking you through the application process, we ensure that borrowers know their rights. We have established a location in Wylie so that anyone with the need for fast cash doesn’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a trustworthy lending company to work with. Find out about our rates and payment conditions to see how well they suit your financial status.

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How it Works

Before you head to apply, it is essential to understand a few basics of title loans Wylie. A title loan agreement involves a borrower turning in the title of a vehicle and the lending business giving money in exchange. The title acts as security, and therefore the lender doesn’t take as much risk with this product as with other fast cash loans like payday. A car title loan differs from a title pawn in that the borrower doesn’t have to surrender the vehicle to the lending company. However, if the customer fails to repay the full amount of the loan agreed in the contract, the lender is justified to repossess the vehicle.
Title loans are referred to as no-credit-check loans because lenders don’t focus on your credit history. Your FICO score or delinquencies can disqualify you from many conventional products but not title loans. Wilkerson Financial will only concentrate on the condition of your vehicle when reviewing your qualifications.
An auto title loan can have an expiry period of 30 days or more. A month-long loan is the most popular offering, but a customer with a high amount to repay may wish to get a longer term. At Wilkerson Financial, you can talk to your agent about the most suitable payment schedule for you. We get that not everyone may be able to pay the full amount owed within four weeks. Roll-over terms are allowed in Texas, which means that you don’t have to be stuck with the original payment plan. A rollover allows you to extend the terms of your loan several times. In Texas though, lenders have to abide by the 180-day cap for car title loan terms. For example, if you are carrying a 6-day loan, you can only refinance it twice.
Disclosure of fees is one requirement for title lending businesses operating in Texas. The provisions in this law aim to protect customers by ensuring that they understand the terms of a title loan agreement. Credit access businesses are required to give:
  • Name and address of the customer
  • Date of the loan
  • Size of the loan
  • Particulars of the asset (make, mileage, year)
  • All charges including interest fees and APR
  • Loan term
  • Repayment conditions
  • Terms of repossession
Businesses servicing title loans Wylie should have proper licensing as required by state law. Texas sets a limit on title loan interest rates at 10%. However, lenders operating a credit access business have the freedom to charge other fees for facilitating and guaranteeing loans, which can influence the interest rate. This arrangement makes it possible for title loans to have lower rates than other quick cash loans in the region. At Wilkerson Financial, we pride ourselves as a fair business that offers competitive rates to its customers. When in need of simple and fast solutions to your money problems, look up our title loans Wylie.

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